Friday, December 27, 2013

Fight Hunger Bowl 2013

This year's Fight Hunger Bowl has the Brigham Young Cougars who are independent facing the University of Washington Huskies out of the Pac 12.  As you know, Washington has had a change in head coaches, with Steve Sarkisian leaving for USC and the Huskies hiring Boise State's former head coach, Chris Petersen.  Here is a look at the Washington Huskies under former head football coach Steve Sarkisian.  For a quick look, here is a table comparing the two teams at the end of the regular season in terms of wins, losses, total production, offensive production, defensive production, strength of schedule, and win against highest ranked opponent and loss to lowest ranked opponent.

Fight Hunger Bowl 2013

Cougars Huskies
Wins 8 8
Losses 4 4
Total 66 12
Offense 88 15
Defense 31 27
SOS 60.33 63.5
Best 24 35
Worst 106 32

Below is a more detailed analysis of these two teams using the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model (CICFPM).

The BYU Cougars finished the regular season at 8-4 with their best win of the season (win over highest ranked team using the CICFPM) was against currently ranked #24 Utah State and their worst loss of the season (loss to lowest ranked team using the CICFPM) was to currently ranked #106 Virginia at the beginning of the season.  The Cougars have played an "average" strength of schedule (SOS) as compared to the rest of the "league" this season.  In terms of total production, BYU is currently ranked as the #66 team - which is slightly below average.  BYU's offense is also below average with a current ranking at #88 but their defense is above average; currently ranked at #31.

Washington also finished the season at 8-4.  Washington's best game was a win over currently ranked #35 Boise State and their worst loss was to #32 UCLA.  Another way of looking at this is that all of Washington's losses have been against teams that are currently ranked in the top 25% of the Football Bowl Subdivision.  The Huskies also have played an "average" SOS.  Looking at the Huskies production, they currently have the #12 most productive team in all of the Football Bowl Subdivision, with currently the #15 ranked offense and the #27 ranked defense. 

Given that Washington is more productive on both sides of the ball than BYU, the model "predicts" that Washington will be the victor in the Fight Hunger Bowl this year.

For analysis of previous Fight Hunger Bowls:

2012:  Arizona State defeated Navy as predicted by the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model.

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