Saturday, December 28, 2013

Belk Bowl 2013

In this year's Belk bowl the Cincinnati Bearcats of the newly named American Athletic Conference will playing the Belk Bowl this year against the North Carolina Tarheels of the Atlantic Coast Conference.  So here is the analysis of these two teams using the College Football Complex Invasion Sport Production Model.
Belk Bowl 2013

Bearcats Tarheels
Wins 9 6
Losses 3 6
Total 21 49
Offense 28 50
Defense 19 55
SOS 88.33 60.67
Best 26 46
Worst 108 65

Cincinnati finished the regular season at 9-3, playing against a "much easier" strength of schedule (SOS) as compared to the "league".  For a team to have a "much easier" SOS the calculated must be greater than two standard deviations above the "leagues" average strength of schedule.  In fact, Cincinnati had the easiest SOS of all automatically qualifying conference teams this season.  Only two of twelve team's Cincinnati played are currently ranked above average (#26 Houston and #2 Louisville).  The Bearcats best game (victory over the highest ranked team) was over currently ranked #26 Houston and their worst game (defeat over the lowest ranked team) was a loss to currently ranked #108 South Florida.  In terms of on-field production, Cincinnati is the #21 ranked team in overall production, with the #28 ranked offense and the #19 ranked defense.

North Carolina finished the regular season at 6-6 playing an "average" strength of schedule.  The Tarheels best game was against currently ranked #46 Middle Tennessee and their worst game was an end of season loss to currently ranked #65 Duke.  The Tarheels currently are ranked #49 in terms of total production, with the currently ranked #50 offense and currently ranked #55 defense.

Using the production model, Cincinnati is "predicted" to win this years Belk Bowl over North Carolina.

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