Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Florida Parts Ways With Offensive Coordinator

ESPN reports that Florida has parted ways with offensive coordinator Brent Pease. So let's take a look at the Florida Gators offense under Brent Pease.  Below is a chart for each week of the NCAA FBS football season using the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model.

In the chart above, higher ranked offenses will be at the top of the chart (#1 ranking) and lower ranked offenses will be ranked toward the bottom of the chart.  The lowest ranked offense will have  a ranking equal to 125 (numbers of teams in FBS).
As you can see, Florida's offense has consistently been a below average ranked offense for the entire season.  In fact, Florida's offense best ranking was #75 out of 125 after their defeat of Arkansas on October 5th - which means that 60% of the rest of NCAA teams have more productive offenses than Florida's.  Since October 19th, Florida has been ranked in the 100's, finishing last week ranked as the #112 most productive offense in all of the football bowl subdivision.  Another way of putting it is that there are only thirteen schools that are worse in terms of offensive production.

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