Friday, December 27, 2013

Texas Bowl 2013

In the Texas Bowl we have the Minnesota Golden Gophers of the Big 10 Conference playing the Syracuse Orangemen of the Atlantic Coast Conference.  For a quick overview of these two teams this season using the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model, see the table below.  More detailed analysis follows after the table below.
Texas Bowl 2013

Golden Gophers Orangemen
Wins 8 6
Losses 4 6
Total 61 74
Offense 83 91
Defense 33 44
SOS 62.83 63.33
Best 51 59
Worst 45 75

Minnesota finished the regular season at 8-4 with their best win over currently ranked #51 Nebraska and their worst loss to currently ranked #45 Michigan.  The Golden Gophers played against an "average" strength of schedule as compared to the "league" average, and currently have the #61 ranked team in terms of total production, with the #83 ranked offense and the #33 ranked defense.

Syracuse finished the regular season at 6-6.  Their best game was a win over currently ranked #59 Maryland and their worse game was a loss to currently ranked #75 Northwestern.  The Orangemen also played against an average SOS, but are below average in terms of total production (#74 currently) as well as being below average on the offensive side of the ball (currently ranked #91), but are above average on defense, currently at #44.

Expect a low scoring game with two below average offenses against two above average defenses.  Look for Minnesota to be the winner of the Texas Bowl, as the model has the Minnesota Golden Gophers slightly more productive than Syracuse.

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