Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Southern Mississippi Fires Johnson After One Season

Southern Mississippi University has fired head football coach Ellis Johnson after one season.  Well given there is only one season here are the numbers.

2012:  0-12;  #120 ranked overall; #116 offense and #112 defense.

This is compared to a team that went 11-2 the season before and had the #38 most productive team overall in 2011.

OK, a lot has been written about Embree's firing at Colorado and racism, but I have not read anything about Johnson's firing as racist.  Why not?

Analysis of NCAA FBS coaches fired this season:
North Carolina State's O'Brien,
Colorado's Embree,
Purdue's Hope
Arkansas's Smith,
Boston College's Spaziani,
Auburn's Chizik,
California's Tedford,
Western Michigan's Cubit,
Tennessee's Dooley,
Kentucky's Phillips,
Idaho's Akey.

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