Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Price Retires from UTEP

Mike Price is retiring as UTEP's head football coach.  Here's the UTEP Miner's football program by the numbers since 2008.

2008:  5-7; overall rank #85; offense #44; defense #111.
2009:  4-8; overall rank #97; offense #66; defense #110.
2010:  6-7; overall rank #82; offense #68; defense #86.
2011:  5-7; overall rank #106; offense #85; defense #101

This season UTEP (at the time of coach Price's retirement) finished at 3-9 and the Miner's were the #107 ranked team overall with the #101 ranked offense and the #101 ranked defense.

As you can see UTEP's problem is more on the defensive side of the ball, although the offensive side has been slipping over the last few years.  Hopefully for Miner's fans, they can right both sides of the ball over the next few seasons.

Analysis of NCAA FBS coaches fired this season:
North Carolina State's O'Brien,
Colorado's Embree,
Purdue's Hope
Arkansas's Smith,
Boston College's Spaziani,
Auburn's Chizik,
California's Tedford,
Western Michigan's Cubit,
Tennessee's Dooley,
Kentucky's Phillips,
Idaho's Akey.

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