Saturday, December 29, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl 2012

The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl has the Michigan State Spartans of the Big 10 conference facing the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs of the Big 12 conference.  Here is how each team looks using the NCAA FBS Production Model.

Michigan State is currently 6-6 playing a tougher than average strength of schedule as compared to the rest of the "league".  Michigan State's best game was a 17-13 victory over currently ranked #12 Boise State and their worst performance was a 16-19 loss to currently ranked #78 Iowa.  Michigan State is currently the #46 ranked team in overall production with the #101 ranked offense and the #8 ranked defense.

Texas Christian University (TCU) finished the regular season at 7-5 while playing against an average strength of schedule.  TCU's best game this season was a 20-13 victory over currently ranked #55 Texas and their worst performance was a loss to currently ranked #69 Iowa State.  TCU is currently ranked as the #43 most productive team overall with the #64 most productive offense and the #25 most productive defense.

Given that TCU is slightly better than Michigan State, the model "predicts" that TCU will be the victor in today's Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

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