Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Purdue Extends Danny Hopes Contract

ESPN reports that Purdue extends head football coach Danny Hope's contract for an additional two years. So, let' take a look at how Purdue has fared during Hope's tenure.

In 2011, Purdue 6-6 as of today's games and ranked #90 overall, with the #85 ranked offense and the #84 ranked defense. In 2010 Purdue was the #96 ranked team overall, the #73 ranked offense and had the #103 ranked defense. In 2009, Purdue had the #70 ranked team overall with the #68 offense and the #71 defense.

So Purdue has been, well below average but obviously good enough for the university to extend Hope's contract. This got me to thinking how do teams perform with and without coaching changes? I will try to look at this later next year.

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