Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Illinois Hires New Head Coach

Illinois has hired Tim Beckmen as their new head football coach, replacing Ron Zook. Beckman previously was the head coach at the University of Toledo. Let's take a look at both Illinois and Toledo over the last few seasons.

This season Illinois is an above average team with an average record. The Fighting Illini are 6-6, but are currently the #48 ranked team in the nation, with the #94 ranked offense and the #7 ranked defense. Given the disparity between the two sides of the ball, their record seems indicative of their performance. In 2010, Illinois finished ranked #39 overall, with the #32 offense and #51 defense. The year before the Fighting Illini were the #92 ranked team with the #80 ranked offense and the #93 ranked defense, and in 2008 Illinois was #51 overall with the #49 ranked offense and the #51 ranked defense.

Toledo to date is 8-4 and currently ranked as the #17 most productive team in the football bowl subdivision. Toledo has the 6th best offense and the 78th best defense. The prior year Toledo was the #53 ranked team overall with the 50th best offense and the 44th best defense.

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