Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 NCAA FBS Top 25 Ranking for Week 3

The latest Top 25 NCAA FBS rankings from the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model have Oregon moving up to #1 over idle Baylor.  Alabama and Texas A&M are most notable still absent.  Given the rather similar production performance of the two teams relative to the rest of the "league", this is not surprising.  As teams play more games, the variance between the teams relative performance should get smaller and thus teams such as Alabama will increase in their ranking.  So given Alabama plays my alma mater Colorado State next week, expect that Alabama will move up from their current ranking, but not sure if they will crack the top 25 yet.

Rank Team
1 Oregon
2 Baylor
3 Louisville
4 Arizona
5 Oklahoma State
7 Utah State
8 Florida State
9 Maryland
10 Marshall
11 Utah
12 Georgia Tech
13 Michigan State
14 USC
15 Oklahoma
16 Washington
18 Houston
19 Texas Tech
20 Wisconsin
21 Wyoming
22 UCF
23 Cincinnati
24 Colorado
25 Arizona State

Given there is some interest by readers of this blog in the University of Texas, I plan to look at Texas over the last two weeks (in terms of their offense and defense) and how they compare to the rest of the "league".  I hope to have this done tomorrow.

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