Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 NCAA FBS Top 25 Defensive Ranking for Week 4

Today I am going to post the top 25 teams in terms of defense for 2013 at the end of Week #4.  As a reminder, a team's defense is based on how well the team's defense keeps their opponent from acquiring the ball, moving the ball, maintaining possession of the ball, reducing their opponent's scoring efficiency and athletic conference.  Then I estimate the weight that each of those variables has on points scored against.  From there I take the estimate and multiply it by that variables number for the team.  Finally, I adjust (if applicable) for athletic conference.  For this past week, there is no adjustment made for athletic conference.  So here are the top 25 defensive teams.

Rank Team
1 Louisville
2 Oregon
3 Baylor
4 Washington
5 Florida State
6 Miami (Florida)
7 Arizona
8 Michigan State
9 Colorado
10 Wisconsin
11 UCF
12 Georgia Tech
13 Maryland
14 Stanford
15 Oklahoma
17 Oklahoma State
18 Florida
19 Utah State
20 Ohio State
21 East Carolina
22 Texas State
23 USC
24 Navy
25 LSU

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