Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 NCAA FBS Top 25 Offensive Rankings for Week 4

Today I am going to post the top 25 teams in terms of offense for 2013 at the end of Week #4.  As a reminder, a team's offense is based on how well team's acquire the ball, move the ball, maintain possession of the ball, their scoring efficiency and athletic conference.  Then I estimate the weight that each of those variables has on points scored.  From there I take the estimate and multiply it by that variables number for the team.  Finally, I adjust (if applicable) for athletic conference.  For this past week, there is no adjustment made for athletic conference.  I expect this to change as the season progresses, and will update this periodically - although not sure if I will do this each week.

Rank  Team 
1 Baylor
2 Texas A&M
3 Oregon
4 Louisville
5 Wyoming
6 Ohio State
7 Wisconsin
8 Florida State
9 Utah
10 LSU
11 Maryland
12 Northwestern
14 Nebraska
15 Missouri
16 Washington
17 Texas Tech
18 Mississippi State
19 Cincinnati
20 Ball State
21 Utah State
22 Georgia Tech
23 Oregon State
24 Indiana
25 Oklahoma State

Tomorrow I plan on posting the top 25 defenses as of 2013 Week #4.

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