Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Ten Conference Adds Maryland and Rutgers

Earlier this week the Big Ten conference has added the University of Maryland and Rutgers University to its members, bringing the conference up to fourteen universities for the 2014/15 academic year assuming Rutgers can get out of their contract with the Big East Conference.  So let's take a look at both Maryland and Rutgers football teams in terms of the college football productivity model for this season through week 12.

The University of Maryland currently plays in the ACC conference and I wrote about Maryland after their former head football coach Ralph Friedgen's contract was bought out..  As of last Saturday Maryland was 4-7 and currently ranked #94 overall with their offense currently ranked #117 and their defense currently ranked #36 in FBS college football.  Maryland has played a strength of schedule equal to 71.09 which is basically the same as the average strength of schedule in FBS college football.  Maryland's best win so far has been a 27-20 victory over currently #87 ranked Virginia and their worst loss has been to 20-17 to currently ranked #106 Boston College.  If we include both Maryland and Rutgers in the Big Ten Conference for this season - making 14 teams, Maryland would be second to the bottom - with only Illinois being worse.

I will be blogging more on Maryland in late February of next year when I look at Maryland after Ralph Friedgen

Rutgers University currently plays in the Big East Conference and is 9-1 and currently ranked #14 overall with the currently #82 ranked offense and currently #2 ranked defense in all of FBS college football.  Rutgers has played against a strength of schedule of 79.40 which is easier than the current average college football strength of schedule.  Rutger's best win so far was a 10-3 win over currently #21 ranked Cincinnati and their only loss so far has been to currently #42 ranked Kent State.  Including both Maryland and Rutgers in the Big Ten standing for this year would have Rutgers as the 3rd highest Big Ten team.

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