Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gator Bowl 2013

The Gator Bowl has the Georgia Bulldogs of the South East Conference facing the Nebraska Cornhuskers of the Big 10 Conference.  Let's take a look at how these two teams stack up using the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model.

Gator Bowl 2014

Bulldogs Cornhuskers
Wins 8 8
Losses 4 4
Total 27 51
Offense 18 52
Defense 57 54
SOS 47.67 71.58
Best 9 45
Worst 50 61

The Georgia Bulldogs are currently 8-4, playing against a "tougher" strength of schedule (SOS) as compared to the "league" average, meaning that Georgia's SOS of 47.67 was between one and two standard deviations smaller than the "league" average.  The Bulldogs best game (win over highest ranked team in the CICFPM) was a defeat of currently ranked #9 LSU, and their worst game (loss to lowest ranked team) was a defeat to currently ranked #50 Vanderbilt.  In terms of the model, Georgia is currently ranked as the #27 most productive team overall, with the #18 ranked offense and the #57 ranked defense.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers also finished the regular season at 8-4, while playing against an "average" SOS.  The Huskers best game was a victory over currently ranked #45 Michigan and their worst game was a loss to currently ranked #61 Minnesota.  The Cornhuskers are currently the #51 most productive team in the Football Bowl Subdivision, with the #52 ranked offense and the #54 ranked defense.

Expect Georgia to be victorious in today's Gator Bowl.

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