Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Outback Bowl 2014

The Outback Bowl has the LSU Tigers of the South East Conference facing the Iowa Hawkeyes of the Big 10 Conference.  Let's take a look at how these two teams stack up using the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model.
Outback Bowl 2014

Tigers Hawkeyes
Wins 9 8
Losses 3 4
Total 9 40
Offense 16 75
Defense 10 7
SOS 60.50 60.92
Best 25 45
Worst 27 14

The LSU Tigers are currently 9-3, playing against an "average" strength of schedule (SOS) as compared to the"league" average.  The Tigers best game (win over highest ranked team in the CICFPM) was a defeat of currently ranked #25 Auburn, and their worst game (loss to lowest ranked team) was a defeat to currently ranked #27 Georgia.  In terms of the model, LSU is currently ranked as the #9 most productive team overall, with the #16 ranked offense and the #10 ranked defense.

The Iowa Hawkeyes finished the regular season at 8-4, while playing against an "average" SOS.  The Hawkeyes best game was a victory over currently ranked #45 Michigan and their worst game was a loss to currently ranked #14 Northern Illinois.  The Hawkeyes are currently the #40 most productive team in the Football Bowl Subdivision, with the #75 ranked offense and the #7 ranked defense.

Expect LSU to be victorious in today's Outback Bowl.

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