Monday, September 12, 2016

2016 NCAA FBS Top 25 Ranking for Week 2

The first NCAA FBS top 25 for the 2016 season using the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model using the data from is here. While it is very early in the process, below is a list of the most productive teams according to the model.  While there are some teams that we expect to be there (Ohio State and Alabama) there are also a number of teams that we would not expect to be there as well.  As the season progresses, the model will converge to the true estimates for on field activities for the season, and we should expect the most productive teams to be somewhat different than what we have now.

Rank Team
1 Marshall
2 Georgia Southern
3 Ohio State
4 Miami (Florida)
5 Alabama
6 Toledo
7 South Florida
8 Texas A&M
9 Baylor
10 Michigan State
11 Central Michigan
12 Washington
13 Indiana
14 Stanford
15 Nebraska
16 LSU
17 Troy
18 Duke
19 Michigan
20 Kansas
21 Oklahoma
22 Army
23 Navy
24 Missouri
25 Louisville

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