Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 NCAA FBS Top 25 Ranking for Week 2

The second week of college football is under way and it is time to turn to ranking college football team.  To do so, I have a model of offense and defense production for all college football teams in the FBS (teams that are eligible to play in a post-season bowl).   I have been doing this weekly (except for the first week of each season since 2011 and have done this yearly since 2008).  So I have run the Complex Invasion College Football Production Model for this season using the data from, and here is the rankings as of this past weekends performance.

Rank Team
1 Georgia Tech
2 Mississippi
4 Memphis
5 California
6 Illinois
7 West Virginia
8 Boston College
9 Cincinnati
10 Alabama
11 Baylor
12 TCU
13 Miami (Florida)
14 Syracuse
15 Duke
16 Florida State
17 Texas Tech
18 Georgia
19 Florida
20 Arkansas
21 Ohio State
22 Air Force
23 Clemson
24 South Florida
25 North Carolina State

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