Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2011 Conference Rankings

It is national signing day, so most of the NCAA football world is tuned into who is signing where. I on the other hand am looking at the last NCAA FBS season and using my NCAA FBS production model to determine which NCAA FBS conference was the best over all of last season.

To measure how well each conference performed, I am taking the average rank of all the teams in each conference (including the four independents as a conference) and then comparing the numbers between each conference. As a reminder, the lower the number the higher the overall rank of the conference, since I am averaging each team's conference in terms of where they finished in overall rank and the highest ranked team is #1 and the lowest ranked team is #120; so lower numbers mean better productive conferences.

After running the numbers for the regular and post- season NCAA FBS games for 2011 here are the results, and if you are like me, this is a little surprising.

Rank Conference Total Rank
1 Big East 45.125
2 SEC 47.667
3 Big 12 49.500
4 Big 10 51.583
5 ACC 57.417
6 Ind 57.500
7 Pac 12 62.833
8 CUSA 66.000
9 Mountain West 66.500
10 WAC 70.500
11 Mid American 73.867
12 Sun Belt 76.250

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