Friday, February 3, 2012

2011 Conference Defense Ranking

Two days ago I posted on how each NCAA FBS conference ranked over the 2011-2012 NCAA FBS season and yesterday I posted on how each of conference ranked in terms of the offensive (or scoring) side of the ball. Today, I want to break it down in terms of the defensive (or stopping the opponent from scoring) side. So listed below is each of the NCAA FBS conferences (and the four independents listed as one "conference"). I have measured defensive conference rank just like I measured total rank and offensive rank but of course now I am taking the average of each conference team's defensive rank. Here they are (an to me a little surprising).

Rank Conference Defense Rank
1 Big East 26.875
2 SEC 31.417
3 Big 12 46.600
4 Big 10 48.167
5 ACC 49.250
6 Ind 56.750
7 Sun Belt 61.750
8 CUSA 62.636
9 Mid American 74.533
10 WAC 78.375
11 Mountain West 82.500
12 Pac 12 82.833

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