Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Final NCAA FBS Production Ranking

The NCAA FBS season is finally over, so I ran the final model and here are the top 25 teams in terms of production. You will notice that Houston is the #1 team and this is primarily due to their #1 ranked offense, that put up big numbers against Penn State's defense in their bowl game. Notice also that Alabama and LSU are next, which is not surprising.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to come back to the 2011 NCAA FBS season and look at strength of schedule along with a few other topics; so keep checking back.

1 Houston
2 Alabama
4 Wisconsin
5 Oklahoma State
6 Oregon
7 Southern Mississippi
8 Michigan State
9 Georgia
10 Boise State
11 South Carolina
12 West Virginia
13 Oklahoma
14 Northern Illinois
15 Stanford
16 Michigan
17 Cincinnati
18 Baylor
19 Virginia Tech
20 Arkansas State
21 South Florida
22 Missouri
23 Florida State
24 TCU
25 Ohio

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