Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 MLS Position Income Inequality

Today, I want to finish measuring income inequality in MLS by looking at how salaries are distributed by player position.  Taking the data from MLSPU, I have found for each player (except one) their position and then evaluated the level of income inequality by each position.  For players that are listed at multiple positions I have included them for each position.

Last year the position with the most equal salary were goal keepers and the most unequal were forwards.  This season goal keepers are still the most equal, but now midfielders are the most unequal.  Here is the Gini coefficients for this season using MLSPU's data.

Pos Base Salary
Guaranteed Comp.
D 0.4137
F 0.6844
GK 0.3457
M 0.7108

As you can see midfielder are twice as unequal as goal keepers.  Defenders are close to goal keepers and forwards are close to midfielders for the league as a whole.

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  1. I have not. I should look into getting the data and tackling this for the NFL - so to speak.